World War Z
Survival Kit

The World Has Been Invaded by Zombies. in Order to Survive, You Need to Be Prepared.

At Blak Inc. we never met a zombie we didn’t like. So to help the world prepare for the onslaught of the dreaded living dead, we created the iOS Survival Kit conceptual app. This powerful app not only protected millions, but it also helped promote the release of the highly anticipated movie World War Z.


Paramount Pictures


UI / UX Design


To create this app we first drafted the wireframes and strategized for ‘killer’ content. With a concrete plan in place, we commenced designing an intuitive UI / UX.

UX / UI Design

Featuring a highly sensitive facial recognition scanning ability (upon opening the mobile app), this Survival Kit granted users permission to access a myriad of essential survival utilities. Now, armed with a compass, maps, flashlight, radio for emergency communication, Morse code, a basic survival guide, and more, citizens the world over were ready for the invasion.

The result was an unforgettable and undeniably powerful survival user experience for fans and enemies of zombies all around the world.

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