Star Trek Translator

The Intergalactic Translator iOS App Helps Earthlings Communicate with Aliens across the Galaxy.

Getting in touch with our inner Trekkie proved to be quite easy when it came to promoting the highly anticipated film, Star Trek: Into Darkness. To help spread the word across the universe about this mega movie, Blak Inc. designed a conceptual communication deciphering iOS app. With this powerful app, users could record a message in a human language and convert it to one of several galactic languages like Vulcan, Klingon or Romulan. This space-age message could then be emailed or shared via social media with friends and family. The Star Trek Translator app gave the receiving party the ability to hear the message in its intended form or deciphered into a human language.


Paramount Pictures


UI / UX Design


Xivic Inc.

UI / UX Design

The conceptualization of this app began with a series of wireframe exercises. Blak modeled the iconic Star Trek control interface to design a clever yet intuitive user experience so that all fans could enjoy its functionality. Or as the Klingons say, “QumpIn ngaQHa'moHwI'mey.” (i.e. “Communication is key.”)

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