Frostings Cupcakes

Changing the World One Cupcake at a Time.

When Blak Inc. won the Frostings Cupcake account, our team felt like kids in a candy store. Wanting to really get to know the client and their products, the team voluntarily put in several hours of research at the store. Yes, we’re willing to go to any lengths in order to do a good job. From food styling and photo shoots to copywriting and wireframes, Blak came to see that Frostings needed a modern e-commerce website to suitably showcase their brilliant baked goods. Yes we put on a few pounds during this process, but it was well worth the experience and outcome.


Frostings Cupcakes


UI / UX Design


UI / UX Design

Our creative process began with a discovery phase where we sat down with every member of the company to discuss their needs and to understand all the necessary details of their business operations. Next we drafted the information architecture and wireframes for their e-commerce website. Since Frostings offers different menu items for each day of the week we designed a tasteful and easy three-step purchasing process that is equipped with options such as calendar-date-based purchases, store pickup, delivery to residential or commercial locations, shipping, special requests, and large purchase order discounts. We also set-up and integrated their social media in order to maximize their community exposure.

E Commerce

While designing and developing their digital presence we were also commissioned for the photo shoot and retouching of their entire baked goods and retail products. More delicious research ensued.


We are now a few years into our relationship with Frostings Cupcakes. Whether it’s updating their website content or designing their promotional email newsletter ads or doing additional research on their tasty products, we feel fortunate to be a part of such a sweet journey.

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